Monday, January 9, 2012

This Week In Pictures and Links (1/9-1/13)

Today was my first day back after the Winter ( dare I say Christmas) break and my kiddos were wonderful!  I was truly happy to see them and they remembered how to behave and everything!  Woohoo!
This week we are beginning a study of Seasons and Weather.  We are also working on the sight word "me", numbers 11-20 and blending sounds (phonemic awareness) as well as short a. 

I am going to post my pics and add links.  This takes me a really long time, so if I don't add a link to your product or idea, please be patient...I will get there!

Group Time activities:

This is my Morning Message for today (Tuesday)  We are focusing on our sight words, word endings, the th digraph and the seasons.  Our new sight word this week is "me". The helper of the Day will cirlce the sight words and take this home.
I got out some cards from our HM series and had the students match pictures to words.  I first said each sound and they blended them together.  Our focus is blending sounds and short a. They did great!
I will introduce the Weather book they will do in centers this week by reading this in the pocket chart.  I will read a weather book first and have the kiddos brainstorm types of weather.
As a group we will sort pictures into the Four Seasons. Then they can do this independently as well.  Season Sorts

I made this chart based on one I saw on Pinterest.  We will complete this today.  Link to come...

Now For Our Centers...My centers are all must do activities.  The students work in their table groups and complete 2 centers per day.  Each center has 2-3 activities.  If they are finished early, they read a book on the rug or complete an "I'm Done" activity which is typically an activity from a past center. I work with the reading center and my wonderful PM partner works at another center (typically the math one)

Center #1 is always our "Heart Word" Center.  This week the word is  me
Students warm up with letters and sounds fluency practice and then practice our sight words with the blue rings. Then they read the red book 3 times and circle the sight word. Next they write the word 6 times in the "Words I Know by heart" book.  Finally, I give students books that contain the new word me and other books with previous sight words.  this is also when I differentiate by giving individual students books that fit their reading level.

Center #2 the students will warm-up with this great letter and sound fluency game.  From Donna Glynn

Next the students will practice handwriting and written conventions by "shadow writing" these weather sentences.  (this is from a book I have had for years)
The students will copy the sentences right below in their best handwriting.
Center #3   Here the students will warm-up with this sight word game.

Then the students will write in their journals about a topic of their choice.  They have dictionaries and word lists for ideas.  The little worm spacer is from Lakeshore.  Very helpful!

Center #4  Students will complete this fun Seasons book.  They cut and paste the picture that best matches the season in the camera page.  Then they will go back and color.  The Seasons book is from our science program.

Center #5  Students will start in the listening center.  This is a book from Houghton Mifflin (yes, I do  use our program once in awhile)
Then, they will complete this Weather book I created (see freebie on a previous post) and read (look at) weather books.
Here is the book in the pocket chart (also a freebie)

Center #6 The students will warm-up with a math game from our math program.  They will cover the number that the adult says until all are covered.  then they remove the balloons and say the number again.
Next they will complete this math page from our program.  It reviews numbers 11-20.  It will be very challenging to go backwards from 20!

Finally the students will have fun with this awesome game from K. Pederson
I will have them play independently. 

I will be adding the Links very soon and sharing the adorable snowman art project we are making on Wednesday.

I hope seeing these activities is helpful!  Please leave a comment if you have the chance.  I truly appreciate hearing what you think! 



Thank you for sharing your centers! Can you share more about your "Word I know by heart" booklet?


Stumbled on your blog today, and I am so happy I did! I am also a kinder teacher and use the HM reading series. I don't see alot of teachers on blog land that do! Do you do Alphafriends too? Looking forward to seeing more!

Growing Up Teaching

Sharon Dudley

Cindy, I also used HM in kindergarten for about 15 years. I actually have some season and weather freebies, as well as song ideas, on my blog if you want to take a look. I've also become your latest follower.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT


Hi Kim and Sharon! I am so glad you found my blog and are now followers.

Kim, Yes, we have all parts of HM, but I do not use AlphaFriends. We use ZooPhonics and I also use a lot from Starfall. We are really enjoying the unit on weather and seasons. What parts do you like to use?

Sharon, I will visit your blog and checkout your ideas for weather and seasons. Thank you!

Holly: Thank you for looking at my blog and asking about my Heart Words book. Inside there are lined pages with each of our Heart Words at the top. (One word per page) The students write the word(s) we are learning 6 times on the lines. They practice the word(s) on a small heart shaped chalkboard prior to the book. We work on letter formation and writing fluency.


I am now following you Kim and Sharon! I was already following Holly! It si so great to be making new friends in blogland!

Time 4 Kindergarten

Thanks for sharing your week- I too am a HM Kindergarten teacher. I like your pocket chart activity. with the two words under the picture card. Thanks-
✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten


HI Tiffani! Glad you liked the pocket chart sort. It worked really well with the class. I sometimes forget to take the time to dig out the cards. They really are helpful!

I live in N. Cali too! Which district are you in? I am in Pleasanton. Can you join us for dinner at the N. CA Kindergarten Conference this weekend? We are meeting fellow bloggers at 5:00 for dinner. Fran from Kindergarten Crayons will be there! It is sure to be fun!

Sharon Dudley

Thank you for following me, Cindy. I was just wondering, where did you find heart-shaped chalkboards? I HAVE to get some!

Sharon Dudley, NBCT


Thank you for all your postings! I love using new ideas and it helps to visually have the photos.

I hope you wouldn't mind sharing the "Words by Heart Book", I would like to know the list of words you included.


HI Sharon,
I bought the Heart Shaped chalkboards at Office Depot in August. They were in a dollar bin. They are very cute, but mainly I like chalkboards because the children can feel the drag of the chalk on the board better than on a whiteboard. Good for memory!
Hi Michele!

I follow the short books list of words that are based on a list from reading Recovery. The books intro the words sequentially and they build. Here is the link.
I also add words that are not in the books after we go through them. They tie in fairly well with HM reading words. We are only required to teach 20 words on our report cards. The short books cover 26 I believe.
hope that helps!


I love your blog--the kinds of things you do in your class are the things I like and I also feel overwhelmed with all of the wonderful ideas out there but it is also so exciting!!! Could you email me the name of the book where you get the shadow writing papers?
Thanks for your wonderful blog!


Thank you for the nice comment Anonymous! I'm glad that my activities are helpful and match things you do as well. I will email you the book title and also put it here. Full Color Literacy Activities: Reading and Writing by Teacher Created Materials

Heather's Heart

Hi! I have been a follower for a bit but forgot to come back by! I love your blog and all of the pictures and ideas you share! Thank you for the inspiration! Your kiddos are blessed to have you as their teacher!

I would love for you to come visit me! I have TONS of *freebie*!

Heather's Heart


Can you share with us the title of the book that has shadow writing? My kiddos LOVE shadow writing!!!!


Hi! the original ones came from a book (the title is in a comment above), but the rest I have been making. Nothing fancy, but the kids do seem to like the practice.I hope to make a few more soon. I am posting some pics on my blog tonight and maybe I can make a new shadow writing tomorrow. So glad you like them!

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