Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bloggers Meet In The Real World!

Yesterday I had a blast meeting these lovely ladies at the N. CA Kindergarten Conference! It began when I saw Fran  standing near Heidi's sales table.  It was so fun to meet her in person and get to talk with her about a million different things!  She of course is a ton of energy and fun!  We were able to sit together during the Keynote speaker Ronald Mah who reminded us that being playful with our students and allowing them time to play is so important for their development. He was seriously funny and yet very serious about what is best for children.  Loved him!  Fran and I had lunch outside in the sun and talked non-stop of course! It was so fun to meet the lady behind the Crayon Box! 

I went to a fabulous workshop with Dr. Jean about Math.  It was filled with songs and chants and good ways to teach math.  She is amazing in her workshops and so kind and friendly in person.

I couldn't get into Heidi's workshop, but I can tell you that the teachers who did were so happy!  The lines at her booth were so long all day and lots of cd's, DVD's and books were sold.  I truly enjoyed talking with her about her class and her booming business.  She was so kind and willing to share even after a long day of workshops! 
After our workshops, we met the other blogging friends for dinner and lots of conversation.  It got super loud at one point and the other diners were giving us some "looks", but we didn't care much about that.  We just moved into the lobby to keep the conversations going. Hugs all around when we left for our homes and hotel rooms. 

What a great day of learning and meeting fellow bloggers (and stalkers!)  Thank you Fran for organizing our meet-up!
Me, Stacey, Kat, Jennifer, Camille, Fran and Heidi

Fran Kramer, Dr. Jean and Me!

Here are links to the blogs of the ladies I met yesterday:
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Kindergarten Crayons (Fran)
Heidi's Songs 
Dr. Jean
An Open Door (Camille)

Thank you ladies for the fun conversation and I hope we continue to "meet-up" in blog world and hopefully the real world too!



Cindy, It was wonderful to meet you! I truly enjoyed myself! I love your writeup of the conference - it was my first, but will not be my last. I absoultely loved all of it, but the best part was meeting teachers in person that I already knew via their blogs. Too, too, too amazing!
An Open Door

Time 4 Kindergarten

I used to LOVE going and presenting at the CA Kindergarten conference. Maybe next year I'll get a chance to go. Being that I'm less than 2 hours away I should really go.


Thank you Camille! I really wished I had more time to talk with you. We were at opposite ends of the table and I couldn't really keep up with the conversations! You are also a bit quieter than a few other teachers (not naming names!) :) It was such a great time and I hope to meet with more bloggers in the future!


Hi Cindy,
It was really nice to meet you and talk with you at the conference. I really enjoy your blog, and it was great to talk with you! You and the other wonderful blogger have given me the courage to try again with my blog. I hope you have a great week with your students! I seriously can't wait to get back to my classroom tomorrow and tell everyone about my weekend!
take care,

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