Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Partner It Up" Working in a Team Everyday in K!

So... I have always had students helping each other and sometimes working in partners, but not nearly enough.  I went to a workshop st the N.CA Kindergarten Conference about working in partners and I watched Fran Kramer's Blog Expo presentation and I had a thought (pretty rare these crazy days!)

I am going to have students work in partners everyday!  They will walk in the door and choose something out of a container. 

They will go to the rug and when I say "Partner It Up!"  They will find the person that they are to be partnered with for the day.  Here are my plans for the week:

*Choose a sight word and find the person with the same word. They will read and spell the word for the class together.
*Choose a number and find the person with your same number. They will lead the class in Heidi's number song!

*Choose a rhyming picture card and find the picture that rhymes with yours (Pictures were free from Fran if you watched her presentation)  The partners will say their rhyme to the class.

*Choose a puzzle piece for a shape puzzle.  The partners will show the match to the class.

Whenever I want the kids to work in partners, that will be their partner for the day! They can line up together, sit "Knee to Knee and Eye to Eye" for sharing ideas.  They can learn something new about each other.  The possiblilties are endless!

What do you think of this idea for having  a special partner of the day?  I'd love to hear your ideas of how they can choose an item from a container on the way into class and that is how they will have a random partner for the day.  Make sense?


Kinder Kiddo

That's cute!! I like that! It would keep kiddos from always choosing the same partner, and it's way more fun than me picking for them =).

All the places you love

Sounds like it just might be doable. I'll have to try that next week when I'm back in school.


Ah I would NEVER let them choose a partner on their own. Too many drama queens and kings in my class.

This is a great idea and I love it. Let us know how it goes this week.

What do you do with an odd number of kids? I've got 25....

Hugs to you Cindy!!! I think of you often...



Hi Kat! Hope you are doing well!
I have 25 as well, but there is often someone abent. Today I had 23 kids, so one lucky boy was my partner. He and I modeled how to talk with a partner and how to sit and make eye contact. I think he liked it!
I will post more about it soon! Glad you liked my idea!

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