Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links 1/23-1/27

This week we will be focusing on blending, short vowels (especially e) numbers 11-20, shapes, snow and our sight words he and she.  I will be trying to informally assess my students to find their current reading level range and also testing them on ESGI.  Phew!!! Another CRAZY/BUSY week is in store!

Our  Snowflake Bulletin Board

Our Kindness Self-Portaits
in Honor of MLK

These great little readers are from Rigby
Click Here For A Look
This Week's Reading Center: Vowel sound fluency and reading the little red book 3 times (circling the new sight words on the last reading)

Love this story!  The kids will dictate what they will do with their friend.

Sight Word Pattern Block Pictures from

My PM Partner, Miss Rombach found this great unit from Miss Kindergarten (Hadar)


 This great spinner and practice page comes from
the Fabulous Busy Bees

This awesome math practice book comes from none other than Fran from Kindergarten Crayons.  This link is to her post where you can download this as a Number Book Freebie Her post has lots of great ideas! Thank you Fran!
(Sorry the first Link did not work!)

Please leave me a comment if you found something that you liked! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!


Fran Kramer

Wow I should download that number book for my kids too. Thanks for reminding me! You do so many cute activities. I hope you like the stuff in the winter packet. For he and she I make a sentence about each student and replace their name with the right pronoun. Sometimes the light bulb goes off and you can see them getting the concept!
Have a super week. I am taking in my magic pointer that you gave me it so much!

Busy Bees

Love, love, love your week. It looks like you had a very productive week. My kiddos are still needing practice on those teen numbers, too! Have a fun week, Cindy!!


Looks like tons of fun!! I'm your newest follower :)

Color Me Kinder

david williams
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Nice to meet you Edana! I will visit your blog soon :)

Hi Fran! So glad you like the pointer I gave you. It is a classroom favorite with my kiddos!
Thank you for the he/she idea and yes, you should download your own amazing Number Book for your students. It is a really good one!
Have a great week...

Hi Robynn! Thanks for the compliment and let's keep sharing ideas for teaching those darn teens!


Where can I find the number book from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons? The link just takes me to a blank page. I love her work and yours. I can't wait to use all of these wonderful ideas in my own room!


Hi Stacy!

I nominated you for The Versatile Award! I just recently stumbled across your blog and am glad I did. I'm always looking for new inspiration and love how blogs provide a little "window" into different classrooms :)

If you wish to accept, the details can be found at my blog, Kindergarten Lesson Plans!

Have a wonderful week and thanks again for sharing your ideas with all of us in the early childhood blogging community!

Kayla Johnson


Wow, Cindy! I was attempting to multi-task and there was an obvious breakdown in the system! So sorry for the name confusion. I am aware that you are Cindy and NOT Stacy! :)


Hi! I'd love a copy of Fran's math practice book as well. ...Looks like just what we need. thanks much!


Hi Cindy,
Love your week!!! I would also like to get a copy of Fran's number book. I also wondered what small books you use at the center where you do sight words and the little red books. The readers--one looks like it says "the skier". Thanks as always for sharing!


Hi Chris,

The little readers are PM Starters from Rigby.They have different sets by color.I will put a link to them in this post. They are great because they are full of sight words, yet they actually tell a simple story. They have great pictures and the sentences are varied, not completely a pattern.

Thank you Kayla for the award! I have been nominated several times for that award and I have just not had the energy to follow the rules for it. Linking back and forth and finding 15 new blogs is just overwhelming to me! I do appreciate the thoguhtfulness and I will post a thank you and link to your blog soon.


I did the shadow writing this week and loved it--if you make more I would definately use them! Have a great weekend!!


Thank you for letting me know Chris! I am so glad you loved it. I will do my best to make some more. Tomorrow is the EXPO, so I will be busy watching and learning. Hope you are attending the Virtual EXPO.too!
I think I'll make some shadow writing on Groundhogs Day and Valentines and Presidents. February is so fun!


First off, thanks for the sweet comment about the expo! Glad you were able to view it and you enjoyed it! I've had a lot of people me I have a soothing voice...haha! That's not always the case! Secondly, I almost fell off my chair when I saw my activities on your blog!!!! I still can't get over how other teachers are able to use my ideas! It is SO cool!

Hadar :)

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