Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 1 of "Partner For the Day" was sooo Fun!

My kids came in and took a sight word from my bucket.  They listened to me explain the rules and when I said "Partner It Up" they walked around on the rainblow rug and showed their card.  They took about 1 minute to find their partner and sit down "knee to knee and eye to eye".  They read and spelled the word to each other after saying good morning and sharing a bit about their weekend.  Then each partner team came up and put the words in the pocket chart.  They spelled and read the word and then the class echoed them. Lots of enthusiasm and participation!  Much more than when I ask them to spell!

Next, the students high-fived their partner and went back to their regular spot on the rug.  After centers, I asked the students to find their partner and line up at the recess door together.  I was so busy helping a student finish up and then putting the centers away, that I am not sure how they walked out the door.  I did see lots of smiles and friendly behavior.

After recess they came in and sat with their partner to share something fun they did at recess.  More talking and smiles!

At the end of the day they gave their partner a hug or a high-five! 

I hope tomorrow is as fun!  I wonder what they will do if they have the same partner...


S. Parker

Sounds like partner work turned out great.

Hope you will play a game with me too.

Tag! You're it.

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