Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links (1/17-1/20)

Just Lots of pictures this week as I am running late and I still have homework to correct!  (Yes, we have HW in kindergarten! Do you?)

Here are the math centers/activities
Very old program and materials, but I love the hands-on shapes and matching.
I made a mat for the students to sort shapes

Our math program worksheets made into a booklet.

Language Arts Activities


Word Window from Lakeshore

Snowman Art
I hope the pictures tell the story of our week and that you see something that you like. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything you see.

 We will also be drawing self-portraits and painting them in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. with lots of color, reading books and talking about kindness to others.



I love your blog!!!! Great ideas --you are one of my favorites!! What is the resource for the shadow writing? Thanks, Chris

Mrs. McKown

I love everything about this post! From the Phonological Awareness Chipper activity (which I have never seen before), to the Short Books, to your "Words I know by Heart" book. I love the size of it! Is it just a regular-sized piece of paper folded in half and then bound together?
❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners


Thank you Chris! I sent you an e-mail with the book title and I am thinking about making some on my own and I will post them as freebies!

Mrs. McKown. Thank you for the wonderful comment! I am so glad that you liked what I shared. The Chipper Chat activity is great! Let me know if you can't tell where it comes from. My students love it and they learn from it! Yes, the book is just lined paper cut in 1/2 and I have the words on the top. The words come from The Short books. Nothing fancy! I love the size of the book too. Quick and easy practice to help the kids with fluency in writing their words. It would be smart to bind them from the opposite side for lefties, but I always forget poor kiddos. They seem to manage ok though. Thanks again!


Hi Cindy,
I do not want to bug you but I did not get that email re: the shadow writing book and I was also curious about which set of the chitter chat that you have? Thanks so much!!!!
Have you thought about tpt? You have amazing ideas!!
Have a great week!

Time 4 Kindergarten

Yes, we have Homework in Kindergarten every night. I love the shadow writing and have never seen the chitter chat. I'd love more infer on both.

Time 4 Kindergarten

oops forgot to ask how you did your art- love these. I need a new art project and this looks easy. Doing art with 32 kids and NO help is hard!!!!!!


Cindy, all I can say is, WOW. I wish we had an hour or a week or six to sit down and chat about all you do in the classroom. I am pretty sure I am behind this year after seeing that post lol BUT equally I am inspired by YOU!

*hugs* Kat


Thanks Kat! I often feel the same way when I see other blogs with their long list of sight words and differentiated lessons with adding!

Fran Kramer

I miss seeing you and your week looks adorable! I love the marshmallows and hot cocoa! This is so cute. I am doing assessments for progress reports which is not my favorite thing to do with 5 year olds!


HI Fran! I hear you! I am doing informal reading assessments so I can send home leveled readers next month. I do LOVE hearing my kids read, but it is tough to fit it in with teaching too. I am also assessing them with ESGI and I love it! So quick and easy and they love seeing the pie graph that shows how much they know.

Good luck with your assessments and Progress Reports. They are necessary, but not nearly as much fun as teaching!

Thanks for the comment!



Maria Flores

What do you do in the picture with the word cards and the alphabet and timer?

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