Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links 1/30-2/3

Here are some of the Center activities my students are doing this week:
Stamping Short e words,  tracing them and reading them.
Stamps are from Lakeshore
Listening Center and a follow-up book from Mailbox a couple of years ago.  They glue the missing parts of the picture.  The book is about how a shadow is made.
Fluency Chart fromFran Kramer's Packet and review of vowel sounds (fluency) and sight words.  They love to beat the timer!
Building the short e puzzle from Starfall in a small group and labeling the picture with a word bank.

Our Heart Word book reading and then reading books with the Heart Word we.  I go over reading strategies with the group and then listen to individual students read.  I encourage using the strategies and ask comprehension questions.
A quick worksheet on building a sentence with the Heart word we
From MoffattGirls

Beginning Sounds review with objects and Bingo Marker worksheet
Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten ( lots of great freebies!)
Building a sentence and recording it on a paper (not shown)
Katie Mense's 100th Day packet

iPad work:  the students took a turn at taking a "quiz" on the iPad on the sight words we have learned so far.  They loved it!
A great sight word review
Fran Kramer's Sight Word #1 packet

Heart Word People Art
Really Cute!
A great 3D shapes poem from
Lil Country Kindergarten

Sorting shapes from Mrs. Ricca

Lots of 3D shapes work and free exploration/building as well!

Phew!  That still takes me a long time to post!

I will add more to this post about our Groundhog work on Wednesday and adding a few more things that we will do, so check back later!

Please let me know if anything was helpful with a comment or a question!

Have a Super Week!



Annie Moffatt

Cindy, you always have so many great activities! I love how you post a picture of each one!


Up for a game of tag? You're IT! Check out my blog for details of the game!
Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten


Thank you Annie! I love your site too and can't wait to use the new graphs you mad efor the Short Books!


Where did you find your photos of 3d shapes for the poem?


Thanks as always for sharing your week! I love the variety and how you show specifics and your sources! The valentine people are adorable!!!
Have a great week!


Thank you so much Chris!

I'll add a link for the shape says soon as I can!


Have you tried the #2-4 in the short book series?


I have only used the first series with the red covers in K. I then move on to more traditional guiding reading texts in small group or more often individual conferences. I do teach some "bonus" sight words beyond the first series. How about you?


I have not tried #2-4 in the series but I am going to order to try with my more advanced readers. Are your more traditional guided reading --your basal series (I have Harcourt--which I use). I am also going to order the Rigby set you have mentioned previously.
I also teach bonus sight words.
Happy Friday!

Time 4 Kindergarten

I've tagged you on my blog come over to find out.


Time 4 Kindergarten

Nicole Ricca

Awesome! Thanks for the shout outs! I love that poem you used for the 3D shapes! You inspired me to update them to include the prism as well. Check it out here:

pay per head

love all, its so cute! great imagination!


Can you tell me. How to get to the heart word people? I would like to get that for feb. think in' ahead

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