Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Week in photos and Links

These are the stations that my students will be going to this week.  They will do all of these activities in small groups of 4-5.  They do only 2 stations per day.  Thank you to all of the amazing teachers who have shared and created so many great activities!
I found this on Pinterest The words that have hearts are our "Heart Words" that we have already learned.
The Listening Center and then on to Our Gingerbread Glyph
(from my good friend Suzie)
I do mixed centers that students must go to during the week. They may focus on math or reading or art.  I do a variety of activies in one station. Here are the stations with a math focus:
Our adopted Math Program (Scott Foresman) The students will use counters to fill in the tens frame and then write the numbers.  The other side has counting and writing (I forgot to take a picture)
Next students will cut and glue the Gingerbread Friends onto a sentence strip to make a headband.
This is a freebie I gave in a previous post.
This is from Donna Glynn.  Click Here To Go To Her TpT Store

 A great tens frame game from Learning With Mrs. Parker 

An adorable and free tens frame activity
Journal Writing in our Starfall Journals using our dictionaries

In my reading group the students practice letter and sounds fluency
Get these forms from Julie Lee
Students review our "Heart Words" with these blue cards from Lakeshore.
Then we read this book 3 times and the students circle the Heart Words on the 3rd reading and then put them in their book bags. 
These are from The Short Books

Next the students practice the new words with this great game from

Then on to this page from The MoffattGirls 

A final station begins with phonemic awareness practice from
SuperDuperInc. The kids love this!

Then they practice beginning sounds with this great activity from Lakeshore and also do a simple worksheet about beginning sounds.
Then they will do "Talk Buttons" where I recorded 3 words into the button and they will draw the 2 that begin with the same sound.  This was a freebie from a great blogger, but I can't find where and there is no name on the form.  Here is the document.  Please let me know if it is from you!
Talk Buttons from Mrs. Will's Kindergarten

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my stations this week.  I will be reading several versions of The Gingerbread Man and he will begin his world tour (please see previous posts)
It is going to be a fun week in my class!  If you liked this post, please leave me a comment. That will help me to know if I should continue to post like this.  It is fun!

Have A Great Week!


Annie Moffatt

Thanks for the link back to my blog:) Looks like you had a great week of many different activities! I LOVE it!


I am in love with this post! I gave you the Sunshine Award! Come by and check it out!


S. Parker

Thanks for the shout out! I hope your kids like the game. I like how it is so simple yet engaging for your learners.


Thank you Hadar! You are so kind! I will visit you soon!

Thank you Annie and S. Parker for the super sweet comments! My students are learning so much from activities like yours!

Jenna Bailey

TFS, these are great! One question...what do your kiddos do when they are at the pocket chart with the gingerbread song / heart words?


Hi Jenna! My students just read the poem/chant with me as a group during our circletime. It is not part of a center. They can re-read when they are through with centers. We often sing it as atransition and a way to get the group focused when we first sit together.

Deedee Wills

Hi there... They are my "Talk Buttons". Serves me right for not putting my name on the form. I know better. I'm glad you like them.
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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