Thursday, November 10, 2011

Do You Know Backpack Bear from

This is BackPack Bear from He is part of the Kindergarten Curriculum and he is adorable!  Each day Backpack Bear whispers a messsage to me and I write it for him.  Then it goes into his backpack for the Helper of the Day to remove.  I read the note to the class and the kids love it!  Sometimes he tells us something to do or he even leaves picture cards, games or books for us to use. The Helper sits in the Helper Bear chair and takes Backpack Bear wherever he/she goes.  It is a favorite part of the Morning Opening routines. You can purchase Backpack Bear on the Starfall site!


Mrs. Mugurussa

What a cute idea. I forget about star fall.
✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten


I use K12 for my older child. I'm thinking about buying the Starfall Kindergarten for my younger child. Do you like the program?


Hi! I don't use the entire program since it is just supplemental at my school (we have Houghtone Mifflin as a Core program) I do love the program and the people who created it are very knowledgeable and passionate about how children learn. They are still fairly small and will respond to your questions quickly. I LOVE the computer program and all of the characters, books and songs. The two workbooks are also great along with the small books that you can cut and staple.They have a lot of ideas for how to tie everything together into themes and with standards. Just not sure about buying for home use. Contact them and ask how that would work. Good luck and let me know if I can help in any other way.




I am a Kindergarten teacher and I have been using the starfall curriculum for three years now. My kids are all reading and writing by the time they leave my classroom. They are motivated and engaged all year long. I love the starfall curriculum!!


Do you teach K in a full day or half day program? I was wondering if you follow the teacher curriculum to the tee or do you pick and choose? We are finding it to be A LOT of information to try and cram into a half day K program while adding math as well. I like the WB, reader books, bear mascot, web site, etc but wondering if you had any tips for utilizing it to the fullest. We are a private church based K. Thank you!

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