Thursday, November 24, 2011

An adorable new blog I found!

Mrs. Bailey's Kindergarten

Yes, I was looking at blogs the night before Thanksgiving (I am not cooking tomorrow) and I found this very new blog.  I love the quality of her freebies (color words bookmarks and a money/coins book) and can tell she is a great teacher. I hope you will go and visit her and follow her blog. I have only been blogging myself for a couple of weeks and I have learned so much!  I am looking forward to learning from Jenna Bailey!Visit and follow a new blog!


Ms. Brown

Thank you for sharing! I just started blogging not long ago myself... and I am blown away by how involved you are in the teacher blogging world already! Any advice for me on getting in the mix?


Hi Ms. Brown! I think the first thing I did was read, stalk, read all of the other amazing blogs here! I started following a lot of them and learning so much. I often commented and gave appreciation when I used a freebie or bought something from a TpT store or TN. I watched the Blogging 101 video series from TBA and then I went to LeeLou blogs and started my blog. I was very lucky to be introduced by Fran Kramer from Kindergarten Crayons. She is awesome and really "hooked me up!" Keep posting your classroom activities and sharing! This is so much fun!

Ms. Brown

Thank you so much for the feedback! I love your Gingerbread man word tour, and if I wasn't already on gingerbread overload I'd add it in... next year for sure!

Jenna Bailey

Thanks so much! I love your blog :)

Mrs. Bailey
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Mrs. Bailey

Just updating the link to my blog. I changed from Mrs. Bailey's Kindergarten to Klassy Kinders.

Klassy Kinders

pay per head

thanks for take the time and share this!

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