Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Week in Pictures and Links (part 1)

This week we have transformed the Playhouse into The Gingerbread Sweet Shoppe!
The kiddos will be able to visit this fun area in our classroom after they cut and sequence the Gingerbread Man story below.
This is from an old book, but it is a great skill for the students to be able to put the story in order.
There will be stockings hanging and the tree will be decorated by the kids.  They can pretend to be baking and selling cookies and sweets!  How Sweet is that!
We will do this fun chant from Shannon Martin at Kinderpond Four Gingerbread Men
Her copy will go in our poetry books and we will circle the sight words too!
Here is our bulletin board with last week's glypgh gingerbread friends and our pattern candy canes.  My wonderful partner, Kate and I had fun creating this and the kids love it!
(sorry it is sideways!)
One of my students drew this after Gingie sent a letter from Mexico. So cute!
We are creating a bulletin board of the travels of Gingie.  So far he has sent a letter from Mexico and Germany.  We are posting a picture of a landmark in that country and the art project we are doing to represent the country's celebration.
I will be creating a seperate post to share the letters and what's inside soon.
My partner Kate and I are taking turns creating the envelopes and contents from each country.  

After visiting the listening center, the students will make a Santa face.  This is really for a countdown to Christmas activity, but we use it as a counting/art project instead.  They just color and then glue the cottonballs and say the numerals.  Great independent, fine-motor activity!

The new word of the week.  Students will read and write the word "is".
The students will pattern small pics from the local teacher shop and then make the great Gingerbread Pattern book from Mrs. Wills

More to come...


Lisa M. (aka Lisabee)

Looks like a super fun time!!!

I really like the bound "words I know by heart" books!

Deedee Wills

I love your chimney! So creative! Thanks for the shout out!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten


Thank you Lisa and Deedee! We are so lucky that our school allows us to celebrate the holidays (Christmas). Now the stockings are hung on the chimney and it looks so cute! It is a super fun time!

The bound Heart Word book is for writing the word 6 times. It helps with fluency and since it is done in a small group, we can encourage good handwriting.


Love your blog!! Thanks for sharing your fun plans!!!

Kindergarten Is A Hoot


Thank you Sara! I just checked out your blog too and am now a new follower! You have really cute freebies that have good skill practice!

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