Friday, November 25, 2011

Gingerbread Man World Tour Freebie

Where In The World Is The Gingerbread Man?

Next week I will introduce my class to The Gingerbread Man by reading the story and showing them an adorable plush Gingerbread Man.  The next day when they come to school he will be gone, but will leave a note saying that he is off on a world tour!  He will visit 7 countries before returning to America and joining in our "Welcome Back Gingerbread Man" party!  He will send a postcard and a project or something special from each place he visits. We chose most of the countries based on the families we have in my class and my PM partner's class. Most of the projects will be based on some type of holiday that is celebrated in the winter.

I have created a map of his travels so the kinders can keep track of where he has gone.  They will draw a line from the country's name to the Gingerbread Man's picture. If this sounds like fun and will fit into your lesson plans, click on the picture for a freebie!  If you will be visiting different countries, just let me know and I can send you a modified map.  Please leave me a comment if you download this!


hollie Fumero

I lov this idea! I was trying to figure out how to introduce the different holidays in a fun learning experience and I think that this I will tie in nicely with my lessons. Thank you!


You are welcome! Let me know if you need me to change the countries for you. Please look at my other Gingerbread Man items too! I have posted the first 2 letters and will keep posting the next ones all week. Have fun!

pay per head

what a cover! And a great teaser. Very descriptive.

Tracy Rocke

Thank you! I love this idea. I gave up my Gingerbread Unit last year to teach with Holidays Around the World. Now I can do both! I am using your letters as inspiration to write my students from the following countries: Mexico, Germany, Israel, Sweden, America, Canada, The Netherlands and England. Would it be possible to get a map from you with those countries?

andrea chiu

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