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What do you do for Holiday gifts in your class?

It is time for me to make some decisions about what my students will be making their families for Christmas and I thought I could find out some new ideas here.  I have several past favorites, but I am open to try something new.  I am sure to see some fun things on Pinterest too.  If you have a fun project that your students have made please comment and share. 

In the past, my students have made Gingerbread Man potholders, small banners with snowman paintings, a holiday throw pillow, wreath ornaments with photos.  All of these require parent help, but are mostly done by the students.

Also, do you a fun gift to give your parent volunteers? Last year I gave them peppermint handsoap in a pump. I wrapped it in cellophane with candycanes and peppermints. I have also done baked goods and $5 gift cards for coffee or frozen yogurt. What do you do?



I make one gift for the moms and one for the dads as so kids have more than one home. For the moms I cut triangles out of 1x6 pieces of wood and the kids paint to look like Christmas tree. Little stare glued on top and pencil erasers dipped in paint to put the lights on. For the dads, I cut out a little house shape from the same size wood and they become santa's head. The top of the house shape painted like santa's hat and his face below. This is a very cheap project and the kids love that they get to do all the work. I even have them sand the wood before the one step I do, which is spray prime them.

I Love Children's Lit

For several years we have made handprint calendars. They take a little time, but turn out so cute! I love the idea above. Wish I could see one....

Your blog is adorable! I am also new to blogging and would love to have you drop by and take a look. :)

Time 4 Kindergarten

We usually make something that involves their picture. LAst year it was a wreath made out of fun foam and decorated with glitter glue and self adhesive jewels. With 32 kids I have to really limit the budget.

Time 4 Kindergarten

Wanted to share this craft that a colleague does with her class- too cute

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Michelle Rist

My husband made a banner (made out of fabric about 12" x 12") when he was in third grade. On the banner is a wreath made out of his handprints (with thumbprint berries). His mom told me that they would hang it on the wall every Christmas and measure how much bigger his hands had gotten. When we got married she gave it to us. I was so touched by the story I have made the same banner in my classroom every year with my students.


Thank you all for sharing your wonderful projects! I think these works of art can become favorite holiday decorations. I hope more people share and pictures would be great...just not sure how to do it!

Mrs Curry's K

We have done many different gifts. We use cookie cutters and salt dough to make ornaments. (throw glitter in the salt dough to make it sparkle) Pop a hole in it with a straw so it can be strung. We've also done pinecone ornaments (cinnamon scented) dipped in glue and then sprinkled with glitter and strung on fishing line (or dental floss). Last year we used clear plastic ornaments and paint pens to decorate.


We always do handprint christmas ball ornaments. Each year after Christmas I buy the ornaments for next year. Usually they are discounted really cheap! We use red, Martha Stewart christmas balls & white glass paint for the handprint. They always come out so cute and the parents just love them!


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