Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Sight Word Trees

These Fall Sight Word trees will soon be hanging up in my room! I will cut around them too which looks even better! 


Lisa M. (aka Lisabee)

Oh my gosh! What are the odds? I was just going around thinking about how to incorporate our new sight words into a "decoration" for the season. Then I hear about your new blog from Kindergarten Crayons...come here and *poof* exactly what I need!

Love this idea and thanks so much for having it when I need it! LOL!


What a great idea!! I assume the kids write the word on the leaf-correct? How large are the leaves?
Thanks so muuch for wonderful ideas!! The patterning ideas are great too!
Thanks for sharing!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

Great Idea! Thanks for sharing! New follower!
First Grade Blue Skies

Mrs. Davis

Such a great idea to share what words our K kids know! :) Thanks for such a neat idea!

Kim @


I love the tree and leaf idea! Looking forward to following your blog!


I am so excited to find a new blog to follow. I love your sight word trees. Good Luck.


I LOVE these! TREE mendous idea & perfect for a student work display! Can you please put a follow by email link on your blog? I don't want to miss a thing! Thank you!

Mrs. Ann Greene

Your sight word trees are cute! I was thinking of doing something similar with turkey feathers. Welcome to the blogging world!


Great ideas and a great blog(and also recommended by a great teacher-Fran Kramer-love her blog too)!!

Thanks for sharing...I'll be visiting often!!!

Crayons and Curls

I am a new follower! Your trees are precious! What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

Busy Bees

Welcome to the blogging world. Just found your darling blog! Love your sight word tree and so excited to be a new follower!! Thanks for sharing!


Love it! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the blogging world! You already have some great things posted, can't wait to see what else you have! Thanks again!

Mrs. Egley

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Love the fall sight word tree idea - very cute - would love to see a picture after you cut around them. I linked up to your blog as your newest follower. Stop on over at my blog would love to have you as a follower as well.

Ms. Preppy

These are so cute! I'm always looking for a way to be crafty, but teachy at the same time. :) I'm excited to be your newest follower!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots


I just found your blog. Love it! I am going to make your sight word trees tomorrow! Great idea. Thanks!


Super cute. Going to make this with my kids tomorrow as a center! Thanks.


I am so excited to follow you. CONGRATULATIONS on your new adventure..


Yeah Ms. Trinh! I hope the tree making goes well! So glad you liked them!


Hi Lisa M (Lisabee) I was so excited to read your great comment about the Fall Sight Word trees! It made me feel so great knowing that I helped you with your class. It is exactly what these blogs are for! I'm glad you found my idea! :)


Maryann, the leaves are from our schools Ellisen die cut machine. About the size of a 5 year old's hand! And yes, the kiddos wrote the words. In our class we call them "Heart Words!"

Annie Moffatt


Ms. Alysia

I love your trees!! Can't wait to do this!! I'm also new to blogging! Such a great adventure:)


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