Monday, March 26, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links 3/26-3/30

Hi Everyone!  This past weekend I changed the Post Office into The Pet Shop! Students will get to "adopt" a pet and take it to the vet for a check-up.  I know they will really love playing here!  Now I just need to get through the work I have planned so they can get some Free Choice time to play in it!  This will be up until the end of April.

Centers this week are about plants (continued) addition, blends and digraphs and the sight word are.

 This is a fun activity, but after one day of centers, I can see that it is challenging for a few.  They have to write the blend and copy the rest of the word.  12 words is a lot for a few of my young ones, but they sure love trying!  I let a couple of kids work as a team and that helped.  It was perfect for quite a few kids! This is from Pam at CanDoKinders  Thank you Pam for the freebie!

This week we are only doing the Sh book.  The students have to write the word and can color.  These great books are from Camp Kindergarten

      My students are getting a lot of addition practice with this activity!  They have to pour out 10 beans, color the red beans and then write the equation to match. This is from Kindergarten is a Hoot

I bought some cute felt flowers at Michael's.  The students roll two dice and build the equation.  Then they record it on a little whiteboard.  No paper involved! 

This is a great activity about addition and fact families.  It definitely required an adult there to help students with the format and the beads. ( I also need to explain it a bit better so it goes smoother.)
This is free from Deanna at Golden Gang Kindergarten

This is an awesome activity for students to work on counting tallies, reading number words, counting base ten blocks, counting objects and numeral recognition. Click Here to purchase it

I will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk (our listening center is being repaired!) and students will be sequencing the story. 

First seed exploring and matching and then cutting and gluing pictures of seeds to the correct fruit/veggie

Our final "Short Book" that includes many of the sight words we have learned this year.  Now I add "bonus" words and use more trade books for reading practice.  They continue to write the word in our sight word writing book and we played a fluency game.

I forgot to take a picture, but my students are using a tree map for writing about planst.  Last week we filled in the map and know the kids are writing 3 sentences about plants.  This is the first time they have used a map for writing sentences, so it is hard for some of my lower students.  I'll add some pictures if I remember!

We are doing several other activities in whole group.  I will add to this post with those later!

Have a super week! 



The pet shop is so cute!!! I would love to see the tree map for plants. Do you have sources from the Jack and Beanstalk sequence or the seed paper? All of your centers are great!!!


Hi Chris! Both the seed paper and the sequence sheets are pretty old. I have gotten them from fellow teachers and have no idea where they are from. So sorry! The plant tree map is from a unit I purchased. Ill take pics today and make a link. Thanks for all of your positive comments!


Hi Cindy,
Thanks---I am excited to see your plant unit info--I have some things but am adding some new stuff!

you inspired me to do the partnering--I love it!

Crayons and Curls

Hi!! I saw you left a comment on Marlena's Five Little Bunnies download. I purchased her book too and was wondering where your purchased the Animal Cracker subtraction unit? My class is having trouble with subtraction, so any little, fun activity that I can find, I am looking for! Would love to buy something to help them!
Thanks for your help! :)
Crayons and Curls

Busy Bees

Your centers look awesome as always. Love the pet shop. I love Jack and the Beanstalk, too!! Looks like you are going to have a fun week!!


Hi Cindy,
Regarding the comment above --where did you get the five little bunnies and the animal cracker subtraction--we are working so hard at subtraction!
Thanks--have a great week!


Hi Chris,

Here is the link to Marlana's subtraction freebie. It is a cute book. I am using it today with Annie's bunny crackers that I got from Target.


I love the seeds idea!

Apples and ABC's


Hi Cindy,
I have missed your posts--if you are on spring break--I hope you are relaxing and having fun!
I was getting ready for my seeds and planting unit and wondered what unit you found that you mentioned in an earlier post.


Hi Chris! I am on Spring Break, but I am still blog stalking and buying things on TpT. Here is the link to an awesome freebie I used in my plant unit. I used the graphic organizer and the observation book from planting sunflower seeds. I loved them both! The unit I bought was

Hope that helps! Here is my personal e-mail if you want to get ahold of me easier.


Chris, here is the link for the plant observation book. Sorry!

It's a Jungle Out There!

I am your newest follower =) I bubble letter LOVE your blog!! I love all the great ideas!
Check out my blog.


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