Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy for TpT units!

Just a quick post about some of the amazing TpT units/activities I have purchased lately. I will admit that I am obsessed with all of the wonderful products being made and sold on TpT.  My poor husband will agree that I am "out of control" and so will my printer and school laminator!  I am however having a great time with these new ideas and activities that are keeping my students learning and excited!  They are learning and practicing skills so much more this year and in so many cute an creative ways. are the units that I have recently purchased and I am prepping for my class.  I just thought this might help someone else who is overwhelmed with all of the amazing blogs and materials being shared/sold out there.

Bugs Galore

Beginning Sounds Scoot Game
Adding Bunches of Carrots
Word Family Short A sort
Addition Flashcards
Insects Math and Literacy
Number pages 11-30
Blends and Digraphs Sorting
It's A Bugs Life
Bee on the Look Out For Sight Words

I told you I was out of control!  Thank Goodness TpT started letting me use some credit points.

All of these units offer some great activities and I am so thankful for the amazingly creative people who have made them available.  I hope you will go and check out some of them for yourself.

Later this weekend I will post about how I am using some of these activities this coming week! 

I go back to work on Monday after a restful and fun Spring Break (I finished books 2 and 3 of The Hunger Games)  

Hope you are all well! 


Marsha M. Moffit McGuire

I'm so happy you like my TpT activity. Thanks for the shout out. It sure makes a new little blogger's heart like mine, fill with joy.

Lori Rosenberg

Marsha, I agree with you! Cindy, that was very kind of you to mention us in your blog post. I absolutely love to create activities AND to buy, them, too! Honestly, I am addicted to both. I have earned a lot of TpT credits and love that TpT lets us do this.

Thanks again!
Lori (
Teaching With Love and Laughter


haha My husband would say the same thing about me!! And I've got a clipart problem, too.. :O I read The Hunger Games over my spring break, too! SOOOO good!

Rowdy in Room 300


Thanks for sharing your great finds! I am enjoying Deanna Jump's Insect unit, too!

Busy Bees

You have found some great finds!! Last week was our first week back..only 4 days, but I was pooped each night. I think we all are out of control with our purchasing and making, but it is sooooo fun!!

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