Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Partner of the Day" and Spring Behavior Management

I am really loving my "Partner of the Day" activities and so are my students!  We have done a lot of fun games and skill practice and they are learning a lot of wonderful social skills too! I never really thought working in teams could be so powerful. I just love the sweet comments they make and the smiles, hugs and high fives they give each other.  Below are a few of my kiddos working on a great "I-Spy" sight words activity.  This has been a true favorite!

The kids worked in partner teams.  One person looked for the teeny-tiny sight word with a magnifying glass and then spelled it for the other person who wrote it on the form.  I told them it was a race and they LOVED it!  Of course I let everyone work long enough to do most of the words and there was no prize for the first team finished. They were so engaged and worked so hard!  This awesome activity came from Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten Click Here to see it  She has an Easter one too and I already have it ready to go for next week!

I am using this for a behavior management tool (yes, I am bribing them!)  Each day students are able to earn a punch on their own card.  10 punches = a trip to the Treasure Box. That is for individual behavior.  This lovely flower pot is for whole class behavior. When I feel the class is working well, listening, lining up quietly, treating each other well etc...I put up a flower.  When the pot is full, they will vote for a class prize.  Last week they earned a popsicle party because they filled the pot of gold! Just a fun way to encourage good behavior since we are still waiting for our Spring Break!!!

I hope to post my centers/activities of the week on Monday evening. 

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Heather Shelton

I love the partner idea. My kids are having a tough time this year working together, and I have started doing activities with partners to make them learn how to work together. Thanks for sharing.

Deedee Wills

Your behavior chart is adorable!!!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten


Hi Cindy,
I love the flower pot! I have been filling in a word or words with a letter to make a word --ie popcorn party, prize box for coming in and packing up quietly. I am going to do the flower pot next! Love the partner ideas--I am using them --please keep sharing the different ways you are doing partners.

I can't wait to see what you are doing this week!
Have a great week!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer)

Looks great!
First Grade Blue SKies

Lynn Crecelius

Thank you for another great idea! Social skills are really lacking in this group, so I'm very grateful for your partner ideas.

Doodle Bugs Paper

I love your flower behavior chart idea.. I REALLY need to do something for my class.. they are getting restless!

Thanks for sharing!

Doodle Bugs Teaching
Doodle Bugs Paper


I pinned your blooming pot of flowers! Your kinders look like they are enjoying the word search activity--thanks for sharing the link!


Thank you everyone for the really nice comments! I am so glad you liked my flower pot and the Partner of the Day activity.

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