Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Luck O' The Irish Fun: Pictures, Links and a Shadow Writing Freebie!

Last week was busy, fun and frustrating!  My centers were a little too much for my kids and me.    The activities were not too hard and I had adequate help, but I made a mistake in letting students ask survey questions during centers.  It got too loud! Lots of teachers talked about their kids having trouble staying on task(Spring Fever)  I just think I over planned and lots of little things added up to a very hectic center time on Thursday.  I am hoping things go smoother this week. It happens! 

"Partner of the Day"  went really well however!  I am finding new ways to partner the kids up and they come in excited to see who they will work with. Lots of smiles and talking with each other.  I love it!  These are the tasks we did this week:

  • sharing what you did on the weekend
  • saying a word and the partner making a connection by saying another word (ex. "apple"-"pie") This was really fun and the kids came up with some great things!
  • reading sight word/short vowel books from Starfall
  • giving each other a quiz on sight words with whiteboards
  • matching base tens blocks and numeral cards

Here is a freebie for Shadow Writing 
I am using this cute little Leprechaun named "Lucky" of course.  Each day he does something a little "naughty" and the kids have to figure out what it is.  So fun! 

Here are some of the fun/academic things we are doing this week:

Finish dictation sentences about rainbows and add them to the bulletin board

Use this spinner throughout the week and change the activities as they are completed

Short U work with Gus The Duck from Starfall

Great classic story!  The students will write in their journals following the story.

Our Sight Word/Reading Group
They will "warm-up" with blend and digraph practice and sight word reading

This great Write the Room for CVC words is from

Here is a free activity from Mrs. Ricca  Grab it Here

 An awesome center on larger numbers Grab it Here

This is an excellent addition activity at a super price

  Another addition practice with "Golden Coins"
from the FabulousMrs. Ricca's Kindergarten
and it is FREE!

Here is a hands on way to practice addition in a strip book freebie from

Here is a wonderful activity for students who are having trouble with segmenting and blending sounds.  This is from Julie Van Alst and I have recently discovered her.  She has a great website and blog plus a new TpT store.  She is an RTI expert and she has quality activities for students who need intervention and extra practice.  I have bought almost everything she has and I am making them to use.  Please check her out!  You won't be sorry!  Here is a link to the above activity

I am also having my students make an adorable Leprechaun hat Found Here   and "Lucky" will fill it with golden coins and candy on Friday. 

Plus we will be doing a few fun activities for St. Patty's Day.  Skittles math (taste the rainbow), an art project and a writing page.  I also often have rainbow sherbet floats (rainbow sherbet = lemon lime soda with rainbow colored straws)

I hope you enjoyed this look at my week and find something useful.  Please leave me a comment and
thanks for visiting my blog!



Hi Cindy,
You are my favorite blog--I get so many great ideas from you!! Where did you get that cute leprechaun? Have a fun week! & thanks so much!


Hi Chris! You are such a wonderful follower and I really appreciate all of your feedback. Please look again because I added a Shadow Writing freebie! I know you like those! I have had the leprechaun for several years. It probably came from the Party City store or Michaels. Hope you are having a fun week!


Hi! I was wondering if you were working on a shadow writing packet for TPT? I love to use the shadow writings during my handwriting practice time. They are great for getting my kinders to start writing more like 1st graders. Any packets coming along soon? : )


HI Cori! I don't have a TpT store and not sure I can manage that right now. I don't really create very many items and there are so many wonderful creators out there! Thank you for asking. I will try to create more to be used as freebies. Any suggested topics? I will do one on plants, insects, ocean, animals. So glad you like them!

Marsha M. Moffit McGuire

Cindy, I'm so happy you could use my product. The things I make are things that I use in my own class with my own students. If they like them and it engages them, then I think, 'hey, maybe this will work for someone else.' I'm dedicated to differentiating the product as much as possible because quite honestly, when my students aren't frustrated because something is too hard or bored because it's too easy then I don't have discipline problems and I know that I am getting optimal learning. In anycase, it's really cool to see something I made being used in someone else's class.

Here's the funny coincidence I have for you. You mention how much you love Julie Van Alst's stuff. I have to tell you that she is actually an RTI consultant in MY building and I blame Julie for encouraging me into the blogging world. I'm so glad she did. She is amazing and so smart. I'm glad you found your way to her products.

Again, thanks for the shout out. And for the record, I consider myself the 'freckleteacher' understudy as I'm one redheaded freckle stick myself. :)


Thank you for the fabulous comment Marsha! So nice to hear from a fellow redhead!!!! I am so impressed with your ability to differentiate in your classroom. I will admit that it is hard for me to assign different activities to groups of students based on ability. I tend to just extend or support students in the same activity. I know this is a downfall of mine and I hope to work on it and I know your products and blog will help me.

That is amazing about Julie being in your building! Yes, I can see a connection though and I really wish I could be next door to you both! I would learn so much for sure!

Thanks again for your comment and all you do. Your new blog is doing amazing in such a short time. keep it up!

pay per head

what a cover! And a great teaser. Very descriptive.

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