Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Week In Pictures and Links (12-12-11)

This week is going to be another week filled with the Travels of Gingie and Christmas activities!  We are having a Holiday Show on Thursday and are practicing our songs and a poem and creating art to decorate our room and the MultiPurpose Room. Our centers are a bit easier this week to allow for more singing and stories and creating our family gift and ornament.  The following are a few photos of what we are doing.  If these pictures and links are helpful, please leave me a comment!  I really do love your feedback and eagerly read them!
Gingie has sent letters, facts and photos from 4 countries so far. (Mexico, Germany, Africa and India) We are having a great time learning about other cultures and how
they celebrate.  Parents have helped us to learn traditions and we have been creating an art project from each country.
Gingie will be visiting from Israel and China this week!
If you would like to see more of the letters and photos, you can let me know.
Just a simple form with teens numbers.  The children will use tiny Christmas stampers to show the number. 
The students will put the gifts in order 10-20 and then record in the boxes and color them to look like presents. Get it Here
A great beginning and ending sounds activity (Link to come) 
This cute chant is from Shannon Martin!  The children have learned it in the pocket chart and will circle the sight words and color it before adding it to their  Reading Binder  Grab it Here

Our weekly Heart Word station  The spin a sight word is from Fran Kramer and the letter/sounds fluency strip is from Julie Lee.  See previous posts about the red books and writing book.
Ending sounds practice (an oldie but a goodie worksheet)
I can't wait for the students to make this adorable book from Fran Kramer!  Run, Run as fast as you can to get it here!  Then we will make the bead bracelet to go with it!  The kids will love that!

We will be making a banner (Oriental Trading) for our families.  The reindeer was inspired by an adorable card from a past student. Good thing we have 2 more weeks to finish them!
Rudolph Directed Drawing.  I taught the students how to draw this step by step and then they traced with a sharpie before coloring with crayon.  The blue is watered down tempera paint washed over.  They were amazed by the way the paint resisted the crayon, especially for the white snowflakes! Like magic!

We will be finishing our Christmas drawing book and lots more with numbers 11-20.

I hope you have an awesome week in your classroom and still have energy for your own celebrating and preparations for the Holidays.  Please leave me a comment if you liked this post! They really mean a lot to me!



I just nominated you for an award!! head over to my blog to check it out! :)

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I just nominated your blog for an award. Hop on over to my blog to check it out!

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Hi there! I'm an American teacher living over in England and working as a supply teacher (substitute), but I also have many teacher friends from England, Wales and well as one who I supply with who is a teacher from Romania.

If you still need some countries to learn about Christmas traditions I would love to help get you in touch with these people or help you with resources on how the British celebrate Christmas.

I have links to be contacted via my own blog, including Facebook, so just let me know! x


Thank you Meg, that is really nice of you! This week Gingie is sending letters from Israel and China and next week Sweden and the North Pole before returning to America. We chose countries based on the students in our classrooms (except for the North Pole of course!) We wont be able to fit in another country, but I have enjoyed looking at your adorable blog with Ryan and seeing the Christmas decorations you have. Beautiful! Thank you for offering and Merry Christmas!

Busy Bees

Bless you to the shout out to our Ordering Presents activity. We hope your kids enjoyed it. Mine loved it!! Love all of your gingerbread activities!!

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