Monday, July 9, 2012

My Target Addiction Begins Again!

I went to Target today to pick up some things I need for my trip to Las Vegas (I leave tomorrow morning) and I of course had to check the dollar aisle and look what I got:

These will be better than sheet protectors!

I use these for homework folders and take home books

These go over the student's chairs!  Sorry I couldn't get it turned around even though it looked right on my desktop!

I know it is summer, but I just couldn't resist and if you don't get them when you see them...they are gone!  I really love the little bags.  My students bring backpacks, but these are a good way to keep all of the homework in one place.  It makes it easy for my parent volunteers to put the folders and books into these.  Backpacks always carry so many other items.I LOVE that they are Dr. Seuss again this year!

So head over to Target ladies so I am not the only one already loading up the cart for another school year! Have you already found some great things for next year?


Miss Kindergarten

nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! why Target, why!?!??! lol

Pam and Jess

I saw the Dry Erase Pockets, but didn't get them. I think I will probably have to go back for them!

LeAnne Cooper

Look what I found yesterday at Target! The Cat in the Hat is Back at the Target Dollar Spot

I also got a bunch of fun little erasers, a letter bin, some dry erase markers, and I saw the dry erase pockets but wanted to hear a review of someone before I get them. Have you tried them yet?
Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

Lori Rosenberg

I just got back and spent a ton of money on caddy's, bins, dry erase boards (they have one shaped like notebook paper now), and more bins. I want the dry erase pockets, but I haven't seen them yet. I went to 3 Targets!

Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter


They have a 12 pack of dry erase crayons at Target. Perfect for me modeling pictures to my kiddos. AND..... they are on sale this week!I head back to school next week.


Enjoy Vegas! Can't wait to hear all about it. So much more money this year- those 5 extra students push that total way up :-$

Alessia Albanese

Oh, my goodness!!! It was so nice meeting you last night! You are such a sweetie! We will catch up more today at the conference!

Ѽ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class


It was AWESOME meeting you last night! I hope you enjoy the conference!! :) I'm off to Target to check for those plastic dry erase pockets! You and Alessia were so kind and easy to talk to last night that our conversation made my nervous butterflies just float away! Have a great summer!
Catherine :)


Thank you Catherine! It was so nice to meet you too and good luck with your shopping at Target.


Aw man! I never saw you today at the conference even though we were in the same Deanna Jump session. I hope you had a great time and I'll "see" you later in bogland!

Annie Moffatt

Oh my goodness...I paid nearly $3 for those sheet protector things at Lakeshore. I am headed to Target! You always have such great ideas!!


Hi Annie! Yes, I hope you find them at Target. They seem to be of very good quality and definitely sturdier than the sheet protectors I normally use. I LOVE your post on cutesifying the room and I am now thinking I should have a theme. I used to be the Ladybug teacher and that was a really great theme. Hmm more ways to spend $ it seems. Ugh!

Miss Jones

Hello fellow kinder-teacher! I think your blog is great, and I nominated it for 2 awards! You can stop by my blog anytime to pick them up! Happy Friday! :)

Miss J
The Joy of Educating

Alessia Albanese

Hi Cindy!

Some of us are wondering what's the best way to stay in touch with you (we all LOVED you!). Do you have a Facebook account? If not, send me your e-mail address. Hope you are well. I'm leaving Vegas later tonight :( Had a fantastic week!

Ѽ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class


Hi Alessia! I LOVED you and the other bloggers I met too and I wish we could have spent more time together. We all learn so much from being around fellow kindergarten teachers. I hope you had a safe trip home. My e-mail is (I do have a FB account, but e-mail is a better way to reach me.) Take care and I hope to hear from you soon!


Cindy! It was so good meeting you in Vegas I am excited to see your post on the trip, I couldn't wait to say hi though! :)

Apples and ABC's

K is for Kinderrific

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the post. After seeing this post, I went and snagged 20 of the dry erase pockets. I had to go to two different stores....but hey it was well worth it! I have some I ordered from Scholastic and honestly I can't tell the difference....the Target ones are excellent quality!!!

Debbie :-)
K is for Kinderrific!


Love the pockets but have still not been able to find them!
Love your blog, so I gave you an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up.

- Vicky


I think I may have an addiction to anything that's $1!! I love your finds :)
Little Minds at Work


Hi Cindy,
I was so happy to see your posts this summer! I would love to see how you start the year --I love your ideas and how you put things together!!

Batch from letters for nursery

My nephew learned how to do the same thing while watching educational DVD 's :D

Allison Hutchins

I got a few of those items! I'm obsessed with the dollar spot. I can't get enough! I love that they have so much for teachers :) I'm new to the blog world and your newest follower. Come check out my blog at


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