Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kindergarten Common Core

Hi Everyone!  I have come out of hiding for nothing less than the most important book any kindergarten teacher can purchase!  Kindergarten Common Core

My school district is a little behind the times on implementing The Common Core Standards, but this year we are in an "exploration mode". In other words... we are supposed to figure a lot of it out on our own! We are forming committees and trying things out in our classrooms.  I have learned so much from the amazing teachers here in blogland...much more than my own district!  Now along comes this fantastic resource for all of us to use.  What is such a great bonus is that it has really cute worksheets, posters, cards etc... They look like the stuff we go crazy for on TpT!  Since finding the world of blogging, I haven't purchased another teacher idea/workbook.  I just go to TpT and get exactly what I need with the cutest clipart.  This book is an exception!  It is chock full of the essential information we all cute clipart!  HEAVEN for this kindergarten teacher!

I am going to be sharing this book with my District Curriculum Department (maybe not this post though ) and suggest (beg) they purchase it for all of our teachers.  It looks THAT good!

I can't wait to read this resource and begin to learn more about Common Core Standards.  Check it out for yourself!

My next post will hopefully be coming that I have resurfaced from a very difficult summer and start to the school year! Things are looking up!!!! 


Mark Luchauer

Thank you for your amazing blog! Teachers, be sure to check out the Kindergarten Common Core Activities!


I love your blog!! I was looking through a ton of pins on Pintrest and one pin brought me to your blog. Where can I find the practice book for writing numbers?? It was on your pintrest page, too. I would love to use this with my kinders.


Thank you Suzy! It is from one of my favorite bloggers named Fran at kindergarten crayons. It should be linked to her blog. It is a great book!

Marsha M. Moffit McGuire

Cindy, I've missed hearing from you. Hope you're back blogging soon.
A Differentiated Kindergarten

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