Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Wildest Valentine I have ever been given!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!  I had a super day of Valentine centers, stories, treats and songs.  My class behaved beautifully and I was very thankful for the group of parent helpers I had. Way too much chocolate was eaten by yours truly and I must say I was pretty hyper by the afternoon!

Each year I give my students a mylar red heart balloon with a little Valentine note attached.  I bring them into the classroom the day before and tape them to the tables for a decoration and then we tie them to their treat bags  before they go home.  They look so fun and make the room really look like a party!  The students are always so excited to take them home and I get lots of hugs for giving them such a special Valentine!  We LOVE them!

The kids had a great time doing some really fun and yes, academic Valentine activities.  Many of them I got from my wonderful blogging friends (Thank you! I'm just too tired to post them!)  Of all days, our Superintendent chose today to come by for a visit!  I was so proud that she saw the students having fun, but also working on math and language arts standards.  She especially loved seeing my students opening their valentines and then going to personally thank each classmate.  It is by far my favorite part of the day!  They are just so sweet,polite and genuine!

Okay....Here is the craziest Valentine I have ever been given by a Kindergartner:


Yes, he is an adorable little boy who was very proud to give me this doggy Valentine.  Do you think his parents looked at the card he chose?  Did they not understand it?  They are learning english as a second language, but come on the pictures are pretty universally inappropriate for a child to give a teacher.  I never laughed so hard!  Of course I had to show my kindergarten team and everyone in the front Office.  I will be saving this one for sure!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone and I hope you are filled with love from your students, family and friends! I know I am!



Happy Valentine's Day Cindy! I love the idea of the red balloons. Will try that next year!
Love to you!
An Open Door

S. Parker

I give my Kinders balloons on the last day attached with a collection of favorite songs on cd. The card is original. Kids. Gotta love them.

Fran Kramer

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift Cindy. I love it but it must cost big money! My kids got the bubbles and they really loved the necklace and message. I think anything you give them makes them feel loved..right?


Yes! Anything from the teacher given in love makes the kids feel great! The balloons are about 60 cents each after a bulk discount and a coupon. I spent $35 for 50 balloons.(I gave them to my partner's students too)
I loved your bubble necklaces! It is a tradition for me to do the balloons and I like that they decorate the room too. It's all lots of fun! Thanks for checking in!

Mrs. McKown

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you received that card from a K student! That is definitely a keeper! I agree that one would hope that either the parents did not understand it or they did not read it themselves!
❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Busy Bees

That card is a heart melter!! Ya gotta keep that one!!

Kinder Kiddo

That's so funny!


Happy Valentines Day!!! I love the balloon idea--am adding to next year!! You must have taken a double take reading that card at first-that is so funny!


I like the balloon idea too!! Much better and more festive than pencils. :) Thanks!


Annie Moffatt

Oh my word...that card!!! How funny is that!! And by the way, think your kids must just think you are the BEST teacher in the world!! What a fun, fun, day!!

Miss T

Ooh that's funny. I'm so glad you stopped by and commented on my blog! I'm your newest follower :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Time 4 Kindergarten

Thanks for the laugh this morning- I'll remember that as I'm herding my 32 little friends today.
✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten

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