Monday, January 30, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links 1/30-2/3

Here are some of the Center activities my students are doing this week:
Stamping Short e words,  tracing them and reading them.
Stamps are from Lakeshore
Listening Center and a follow-up book from Mailbox a couple of years ago.  They glue the missing parts of the picture.  The book is about how a shadow is made.
Fluency Chart fromFran Kramer's Packet and review of vowel sounds (fluency) and sight words.  They love to beat the timer!
Building the short e puzzle from Starfall in a small group and labeling the picture with a word bank.

Our Heart Word book reading and then reading books with the Heart Word we.  I go over reading strategies with the group and then listen to individual students read.  I encourage using the strategies and ask comprehension questions.
A quick worksheet on building a sentence with the Heart word we
From MoffattGirls

Beginning Sounds review with objects and Bingo Marker worksheet
Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten ( lots of great freebies!)
Building a sentence and recording it on a paper (not shown)
Katie Mense's 100th Day packet

iPad work:  the students took a turn at taking a "quiz" on the iPad on the sight words we have learned so far.  They loved it!
A great sight word review
Fran Kramer's Sight Word #1 packet

Heart Word People Art
Really Cute!
A great 3D shapes poem from
Lil Country Kindergarten

Sorting shapes from Mrs. Ricca

Lots of 3D shapes work and free exploration/building as well!

Phew!  That still takes me a long time to post!

I will add more to this post about our Groundhog work on Wednesday and adding a few more things that we will do, so check back later!

Please let me know if anything was helpful with a comment or a question!

Have a Super Week!


Day 1 of "Partner For the Day" was sooo Fun!

My kids came in and took a sight word from my bucket.  They listened to me explain the rules and when I said "Partner It Up" they walked around on the rainblow rug and showed their card.  They took about 1 minute to find their partner and sit down "knee to knee and eye to eye".  They read and spelled the word to each other after saying good morning and sharing a bit about their weekend.  Then each partner team came up and put the words in the pocket chart.  They spelled and read the word and then the class echoed them. Lots of enthusiasm and participation!  Much more than when I ask them to spell!

Next, the students high-fived their partner and went back to their regular spot on the rug.  After centers, I asked the students to find their partner and line up at the recess door together.  I was so busy helping a student finish up and then putting the centers away, that I am not sure how they walked out the door.  I did see lots of smiles and friendly behavior.

After recess they came in and sat with their partner to share something fun they did at recess.  More talking and smiles!

At the end of the day they gave their partner a hug or a high-five! 

I hope tomorrow is as fun!  I wonder what they will do if they have the same partner...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Partner It Up" Working in a Team Everyday in K!

So... I have always had students helping each other and sometimes working in partners, but not nearly enough.  I went to a workshop st the N.CA Kindergarten Conference about working in partners and I watched Fran Kramer's Blog Expo presentation and I had a thought (pretty rare these crazy days!)

I am going to have students work in partners everyday!  They will walk in the door and choose something out of a container. 

They will go to the rug and when I say "Partner It Up!"  They will find the person that they are to be partnered with for the day.  Here are my plans for the week:

*Choose a sight word and find the person with the same word. They will read and spell the word for the class together.
*Choose a number and find the person with your same number. They will lead the class in Heidi's number song!

*Choose a rhyming picture card and find the picture that rhymes with yours (Pictures were free from Fran if you watched her presentation)  The partners will say their rhyme to the class.

*Choose a puzzle piece for a shape puzzle.  The partners will show the match to the class.

Whenever I want the kids to work in partners, that will be their partner for the day! They can line up together, sit "Knee to Knee and Eye to Eye" for sharing ideas.  They can learn something new about each other.  The possiblilties are endless!

What do you think of this idea for having  a special partner of the day?  I'd love to hear your ideas of how they can choose an item from a container on the way into class and that is how they will have a random partner for the day.  Make sense?

New Shadow Writing (Groundhog) Freebie

It's almost Groundhog's Day!  I love that cute little critter and all of the fun surrounding his legend.
I have a Groundhog from Build a Bear workshop and he will be visiting tomorrow.  His name is Phil of course and he even has a cute saying when you squeeze him. The kids are going to love him!

                                                                         Click Here
Here is a Shadow Writing page in his honor.  The kids just try their darndest to copy the writing like a shadow below the sentence.  Enjoy!

Please leave me a comment if you download this! Thank you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links 1/23-1/27

This week we will be focusing on blending, short vowels (especially e) numbers 11-20, shapes, snow and our sight words he and she.  I will be trying to informally assess my students to find their current reading level range and also testing them on ESGI.  Phew!!! Another CRAZY/BUSY week is in store!

Our  Snowflake Bulletin Board

Our Kindness Self-Portaits
in Honor of MLK

These great little readers are from Rigby
Click Here For A Look
This Week's Reading Center: Vowel sound fluency and reading the little red book 3 times (circling the new sight words on the last reading)

Love this story!  The kids will dictate what they will do with their friend.

Sight Word Pattern Block Pictures from

My PM Partner, Miss Rombach found this great unit from Miss Kindergarten (Hadar)


 This great spinner and practice page comes from
the Fabulous Busy Bees

This awesome math practice book comes from none other than Fran from Kindergarten Crayons.  This link is to her post where you can download this as a Number Book Freebie Her post has lots of great ideas! Thank you Fran!
(Sorry the first Link did not work!)

Please leave me a comment if you found something that you liked! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

I'm A Favorite and Your A Favorite

Sweet Sara over at    Kindergarten is a Hoot  gave me this award and I am so glad to hear that my comments make a difference!  I know how much comments mean to me on my blog!  They help us to know that someone "out there" is reading and appreciating our posts.  I know that it sometimes takes a few extra seconds to post a comment, but if it makes someone feel appreciated or gives them an idea, it is worth the time.

Thank you Sara and Mrs. Cupcake who gave it to her!

I love each and every comment that I have been given and it was fun looking back and reading them all.  I noticed that these lovely ladies commented many times and they were especially positive and Sweet!

Thank you Again for all of your comments and please remember how much they mean to all of us.  If you feel especially excited about someone's post...leave them a sweet comment and spread that happy feeling around! 


Friday, January 20, 2012

(Freebie) Snowman Shadow Writing

Yeah I know, "Shadow Writing" is just a fun way to say copying, but my class seems to like it! I will work on making a few more if these are useful.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phonological Awareness Games and Shadow Writing

There have been some questions about these two pictures on my last post, so I thought I would share the answers with everyone.

Here is the program from Super Duper Publications Chipper Chat (Phonological Awareness games)
It was recommended to me by a good friend and fellow Kindergarten teacher.  I believe she was told about it by her speech or reading specialist.  The children love it and I use it as a warm-up before other reading/language arts activities in a small group.  It could also be a big help for intervention!

The Shadow Writing is from Full Color Literacy Reading and Writing Games

Because there has been some interest and I have liked using them in my class, I am going to work on creating some of these to share as freebies.  It may take me a few days...

Hope this helps!  Thank you to all who have left such encouraging comments.  I truly appreciate them!  I find myself checking my blog several times a day just to see if anyone has left a comment!  Crazy I know...

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week in Pictures and Links (1/17-1/20)

Just Lots of pictures this week as I am running late and I still have homework to correct!  (Yes, we have HW in kindergarten! Do you?)

Here are the math centers/activities
Very old program and materials, but I love the hands-on shapes and matching.
I made a mat for the students to sort shapes

Our math program worksheets made into a booklet.

Language Arts Activities


Word Window from Lakeshore

Snowman Art
I hope the pictures tell the story of our week and that you see something that you like. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything you see.

 We will also be drawing self-portraits and painting them in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. with lots of color, reading books and talking about kindness to others.